Your Complete Guide to Selling SEO Over The Phone

I get it. We’ve all been there before. We’re getting people on the phones for SEO. It seems everything we’re doing is on point. And then, all of a sudden, it slips. A seemingly wasted opportunity. How can I get these people to actually sign deals??

Let me tell you this: Selling SEO over the phone is one of the most lucrative things you can do. But just like anything else, there’s a rhyme and a reason. Let me go over 6 incredibly important lessons that will pay you dividends.

  1. Understand the business of the company you’re selling to. 

I am dumbfounded by how many SEO companies treat websites like they’re some value. Let me ask you something: What’s so important about traffic for traffic’s sake? Nothing. That’s what. We build traffic to our sites with a goal in mind: Sales namely.

So if you’re to hit home with a prospect (who you haven’t met, and are selling over the phone), wouldn’t you say the first place to build trust is having an idea of what his/her business wants to sell? What if you could speak intelligibly about what’s important to them? Don’t you think that would make them fall in love with you? (It will!)

So take 2 minutes and find out enough about the business to speak about it superficially at least. Framing yourself as someone who understands how a business ticks is invaluable.

2. Be Persistent. 

You have a busy day, right? Well how about your clients? Don’t you think they have meetings, engagements, not to mention the occasional fire to put out? Trust me, they do.

So calling two times and leaving a voicemail is not the best way to sell SEO over the phone, is it? The more times called (within reason) and emailed, the more likelihood someone is going to see it.

If I had a fresh prospect, that company is getting 6 calls day one (and an email). End of story. And the party doesn’t stop there, guys. I’d keep hitting them 2x a day (plus emails) for a week. I can’t stress how much it’s about hitting people at the right time!!

3. Always be qualifying and closing.

Do you want to be actually selling SEO over the phone, or simply having an arbitrary conversation? Then start moving the interaction forward right away. Sales (especially phone sales) is always about moving forward.

Let me share some statements that exemplify this:

“From what I understand, your company offers _____. If we were able to get exposure _____ and _____, would you be able to handle the extra business, or are you at capacity?”

“The awesome thing about SEO is that we can achieve a ton of different things at a ton of budget levels. I have clients who pay me $___ to $___, and some of my largest clients started at $____. This isn’t to ask ‘what can I bill (your company)’ for ,’ but what I’d like to know is what would you be comfortable with resource-wise in a campaign? Don’t tell me what you think I want to hear. It’s important for me to know where you stand, so I can put together a campaign where your budget won’t be over-extended and can make an impact”

“I’ve sharpened my pencil, and it looks like these type of keywords will likely take us $___ to $____ of monthly budget. If I spend 3 hours on a proposal, and everything looks good, would that be a budget where you can move forward? And don’t tell me what you think I want to hear”

OK, see what I’m doing? I’m always narrowing the possible outcomes. I’m moving it forward. Don’t be a lazy order taker, be a salesperson who makes things happen.