Lead Replacement and Refund Policies

As in any business relationship, it’s important to have things out in the open: Expectations spelled out. We’ve always believed that it’s the fairest way for both parties to engage.

So here we’ll cover our policies on Lead Replacements and Refunds. We highly encourage that you read them on the front end.


Lead Replacement Policy

We understand that from time to time, mistakes happen, no matter what the lead channel. In order to give our clients the most confidence in purchasing, we gladly offer an Invalid Lead Replacement Guarantee. To be completely fair, let’s go over what the policy covers, as well as does not cover.


What is covered under Invalid Lead Replacement Policy

  1. The lead in no way shape or form┬áresponded to any marketing from us indicating that they were interested in discussing Online Marketing/Their website.┬áIn our experience, we’ve found some clients don’t properly introduce who they are/how company became a lead. That’s why we reserve the right to check up on specifically what happened in the interaction. Most likely the first time, we’ll gladly replace it. Although if we see it’s happening on your account more than average clients, we’ll have to follow up with the leads and conduct due diligence before offering a replacement/credit.
  2. The lead was outside your parameters on a custom campaign. If we slip on that, that’s on us.
  3. Wrong website/Company information that can’t be reasonably replaced with correct info. If we screw up on that, and it gets in the way of being able to open a call, we’ll always make sure we have your back
  4. Lead explicitly states when contacting us that they have no budget. (At the same time, if they didn’t say that to us, and it’s uncovered by you, we won’t be able to replace it)


What is not covered under the lead replacement policy

  1. Lead wasn’t yet ready to buy, but only wanted more information
  2. Lead currently uses a company for their online marketing, but was interested in your thoughts
  3. Lead didn’t have enough budget
  4. Lead uncovers in conversation (to you, not to us) that they have no budget
  5. Lead is too difficult to reach (It’s sales, this stuff happens no matter what lead channel you use)
  6. Lead was only casually interested


Essentially the point here is that we only send leads who tell us in their written communication that they aren interested in entertaining your thoughts on their online marketing strategy. We have screen shots of every/any correspondence upon request. If we did our job and walked you to the door of someone open to your thoughts, we did what we promised to do.


Refund Policy

Leads are non-refundable. This goes for leads that were used, or are remaining on the account. Simply put, we plan our lead generation volume based on client forecasts, and pay our personnel accordingly. For that reason, we cannot refund leads, used or unused, under 99.9% of circumstances.

By purchasing leads, you’re accepting of this. For instance, if you purchase valid leads that you decide “aren’t a fit,” or were “unable to close” or “didn’t have large enough budgets” or “only wanted more information,” under no circumstances would we be able to refund based on those premises.