Should I Outsource My Link Building?

As you probably know link building is a very important part of SEO (search engine optimization). You know you need to focus some of your time on link building but for whatever reason, you aren’t focussing enough of your time on link building.

Should I Outsource My Link Building?

  • Maybe you simply dislike link building (we will change that later)
  • Maybe you don’t believe link building provides the results to warrant the time you need to put in
  • Maybe you personally don’t have the time (being a webmaster is a time consuming position)

Whatever the reason, you are neglecting one, if not the most important factor that impacts your search engine ranking. That’s right your search engine traffic will decrease if you don’t constantly spend time building high quality backlinks links.

Now let me explain:

Link building is at its best when you are in control of the link building process. Think about it, who knows more about your site than you?

Hopefully nobody. Certainly nobody in a link building institution that handles hundreds of different website types every week. These link building services use generic methods, that aren’t specific to your niche to build backlinks. Things like automatic blog commenting, answering questions on unrelated forums etc.


Why you should outsource your link building:

Link building is an easy and fun process, especially if you already enjoy being a webmaster. If you enjoy writing great web content then building backlinks should be a snap.

Link building strategies like video marketing, article marketing, blog commenting, etc are all based on your positive contribution to the internet and your expertise in your niche. Therefore what services should help you with are the mechanical parts of theses strategies, such as distribution, management, follow-up, networking.

If you enjoy being a webmaster and you should these strategies are the same and sometimes even better than writing content for your website. Especially because you won’t have to fiddle around with any HTML or that other annoying stuff.

Other strategies like infographics and building free tools to mention just a few can be outsourced but are still based around your expertise and simply serve as link bait for high traffic and high PageRank sites in your niche to link to your website and send you free traffic and PageRank.

All link building strategies I have discussed in this article are discussed in depth in Link Building Mastery. LBM is my ultimate guide to building high quality backlinks. LBM features 86 link building strategies and 15 expert interviews with experts such as Yaro Starak, Ileane Smith, Marko Saric, etc.



If possible you should do the link building yourself, you will find more success this way in the early stages of you business/blogging career. If you are going down this highly successful and prosperous route I recommend that you check out LBM.

If you do decide to outsource your link building then I highly recommend that you go to a related forum to your website. Find another expert in your niche, hopefully, someone who has answered lots of people’s questions and outsource your link building to him/her.

Make sure you set out a strict contract and specify exactly what you want and pay based on the results he/she gets.


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